I would spray it on all of his body and slowly lick, kiss, and suck the cream off SLOWLY--enticing him to the breaking point!!
-Barbara, 34

First, I would use it on her eyebrows and lids to be gently licked off. Next, I would use it in her hair to be massaged in. Then, little dollops one by one all over her body, scooped up with strawberries, which I would share with her.
-Anonymous, 36

By using the kind that sprays out of a can, you can put whipped cream undies on each other and then remove each other's undies by the licking them off!!
-Pab, 36

I would sensually massage him and then serve him up to me like a delicious banana split and eat every morsel. Chocolate syrup, pop rocks, strawberries and whipped cream...YUM!
-Kelly, 36

I would slowly strip them, then restrain them using bondage--handcuffs, then blindfold them. I would apply the cream wherever I felt like it. Then use my tongue to lick it of her. Which means it could go wherever I wanted!
-Anonymous, 20

I like to put it on her sexy little toes and suck it off.
-Don, 30

I would use it to top the ice cream on his belly as I turn him into my ice cream sundae.
-Brandi, 25

I'd put it on my finger for him to suck off.
-Amy, 26

I would love to make a whipped cream bikini on my wife's body. Then she could do one on me, and we'd hug, roll around, and lick the cream off each other's body.
-Stan, 38

Just as a bit of fun throw it all over him, kind of a cream fight. Then the real fun would be cleaning it all off. Or, maybe make a pretty pattern across his back and enjoy myself licking it off.
-Anonymous, 18

First, I would use it in every crevice of his body except for the goodies. Then I would follow it with the chocolate, caramel, and strawberries handy. (We'll be working off those calories later!) Next, I'd make a huge smiley face somewhere... Then I'd spray it on both of our nipples, so he can enjoy it too--if we make it this far!
-Nina, 20

I would get a can of whip cream and spray it on his abs while he is blindfolded, and I'd then lick it all off.
-Cheryl, 18

I would put some on my finger and trace his lips with it, then slowly lick his lips. Then, I would cover his nipples and lick it off.
-Anonymous, 33

I would love to fill our bathtub with it and have fun in it!
-Allen, 24

I'd put a little bit in my mouth and then deeply French kiss him. He loves sugar!
-Nat, 18

My boyfriend and I bought a couple of the flavored whip creams at a sex shop. After forgetting about it, one day I was walking out of the bedroom and he sprayed me in the face with some. I ran and found the other bottle, and so began a whip cream war. The shower together afterwards was even better then the whip cream fight!
-Shelby, 28

First deep-freeze it. Then spread it only on her nipples.
-Milan, 40

Blindfolding him, I'd open his mouth while I spray the whip cream inside just so he could get a little taste. I'd cover his chest in it all the way down and around his penis. Then I'd place strawberries randomly over his chest and slowly eat each one. Then I'd slowly cover him with the whip cream and in ONE long, sensuous stroke of my mouth I'd leave no trace of it behind. Oh yes, there are too many things I'd like to do!
-Terry, 21

We'd write words on each other, punctuated with strawberries.
-Anonymous, 18

I would use whip cream by spreading it all over her most sensitive parts of her body. Then I would get slices of ice-cold peaches and lay them on top of the whip cream. From there I would slowly proceed to satisfy my lover.
-Frank, 25

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May. 24, 2007 at 4:05 PM I am buying some whipped cream. Maybe that will spark up some fun. Thanks girl!!!

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May. 24, 2007 at 4:07 PM so I just sent this list to my man, told him to pick a few he'd like for me to do to him and what he'd like to do to me!! I know how to make fresh, REAL whipped cream (thanks Starbucks) and I'm going to the Strawberry festival this weekend so maybe I can have fun in more ways than one!! hehe

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May. 24, 2007 at 4:10 PM OK, all except one...why the hell do you let someone put whipped cream on your eyelids.  Call me crazy, but I think that would hurt if it got in your eyes.

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May. 24, 2007 at 5:54 PM you are not the only one.. i think the eye thing is far out there...i am not even big into the WC... tried it once...but is so erotic sounding!

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May. 26, 2011 at 3:09 AM

When I was a senior at Stanford I received the “Mental Toughness Award” at our annual Track & Field banquet. While I was honored to receive any award, as I had sat through the previous three years without ever being recognized, I was questioning why I might be deserving of the “Mental Toughness Award.” Sure, I had been through a lot of ups and downs during my time at Stanford (I had never qualified for the NCAA Track & Field Championships until my senior year…which my teammate and I went on to finish first and second at, and I had previously dropped out of school for a semester to go coach store, back home to get my life straightened out) but I never saw myself as being all that mentally tough. Looking back, I now understand how I was mentally tough, but it was only achieved with the help of others. Today, being less than seven weeks out from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, this is the time when ed hardy outlet the most mental toughness is required. Training is hard. October 10th is still too far away to feel like we are in the home stretch, yet not so far away that we can put off the monster workouts that will ed hardy clothing prepare us for the 26.2 miles that lie ahead. Our bodies are still adjusting to the weekly long runs that takes its toll on our bodies. I spend most of my day trying to recover from the gnarly day-in and day-out training. So, where does the mental toughness come from? Where does the ability to overcome nagging injuries, tired legs, and perhaps a lack of motivation? We all face challenges that knock us down from time to time. Here are some ways I have found to stumble back to my coach online feet, whether it is enduring tough workouts, life circumstances, or personal shortcomings.

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