well i went for my 1st long brisk walk today;   i plan to eventually jog/run, but not today. i am a very lazy person, so this is a big step for me; i feel great now. i was putting it of for 3 days now, like blaming the wheather, or its too dark, or some crap like that. i plan to just jog/walk for now, i need to finally lose this baby bulge. i miss my high school size 7 body. i miss having a little waist. im ok with my weight now, its just my belly is horrible...and im tired of wearing uncomftorable girdles. i know jogging will help me at least start off, since it burns so many calories and all. i also am going to stop going to buffets, and i will listen to my body when ever im full; and only water for me. i also am going to stop eatting anything past 7 pm, and when ever i crave stuff, like chocolate, i will only eat a small piece of dark chocolate. i guess this is my own little diet plan i created for my self; i don't have time to follow a meal/diet plan. i have been taking RElacore for two days now, and i have amazing energy, so i hope it also helps reduce my belly fat(by the way, u can buy relacore at walmart for like $20). i am excited to get healthy and inshape, and get my body back. hopefully by next summer, im going to be one of those cute girls in a bikini.....

i think it would be cool, and motivational if some of u out there are going on a "diet, or weight loss plan, reply to this so we can track our progress together.....

We'll see what happens.

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May. 24, 2007 at 11:47 PM Hi.  I am also on my own "diet plan."  I put myself on a 1200 calorie diet, no coke, very few potatoes, pastas, and rice. I am also on the stationery bike everyday 20 -30 minutes. I hate the bike, so it is a big thing for me to get on it everyday.  I will keep in touch.  Talk to you soon.  D.B.

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May. 25, 2007 at 12:12 AM hey another g/f and I are dieting too, we put up daily journals of what weve ate, and support eachother, I got the core rythms routine and slim in 6 and I alternate them day to day, plus I have a few other tips if your interested

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