1. Do not stay in the car and honk for daughter, Our dogs have been trained to kill at this sound
  2. First impressions are everything, look at my daughter anywhere but her head and you are on my list, don’t let the smile fool you.
  3. If my little girl takes an hour to get ready, you will wait an hour. Girls do this, you should have planned ahead and here is a tip, fidgeting under the unblinking gaze of a female is not only a sign of weakness, it is smart.
  4. You will refrain from rude and/or questionable comments or behavior, I will find out. If you are dumb enough to do this in front of me, you are leaving alone.
  5. Leaving with my daughter does not guarantee my approval, acting like a jerk instead of the gentlemen my little one introduce will get you severely beaten. 
  6. I want my daughter home on time. Any later than 20 minutes and you will be reported a druggie kidnapper.
  7. You are dating my little girl and only my little girl, if proved otherwise you will find out first hand how bulls are castrated
  8. Do not underestimate the power of embarrassment, go ahead and start rumors about my daughter, Moms love sharing pictures, videos, and stories….Make My Day!
  9. Break my angel’s heart and I will break every bone in your body, I may be small, but I have a car.
  10. I may not seem scary, but I have free time, a great imagination, and all the seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
We all have seen the dad's rules, We deserve a say too!

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Jun. 8, 2007 at 3:02 PM GOOD ONE!!!!  My dd is only 9, but gonna print this off for the future!

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