How do you keep it up ?





Do you tie it down and then curl it every other day? How do you curl your hair without burning the hell out of yourself?

I took my braids down and now I have an afro ...A real tight nappy afro, lol. I haven't had a perm in my hair in a year...

I'm thinking about putting braids back in my hair, but the last time I had my braids done...some spots got really nappy and it didn't look right with the hair that I bought to braid into mine.

if I wash it and blow dry may lay right if I get it braided again...but I think I miss having a perm...

I'm not trying to go natural...I was trying to let my hair grow back in some bald spot areas I had from bad weave management..Now that its grown back...I almost want to see where it can go....But I'm tired of wearing wigs (which is what I'm wearing to give my hair a rest from braids)

What you guys think???????

Which brings me back to my first question ....How do women with short hair do it? How do you keep your style up without going to the salon every week to keep your hair tight?

 Or should I just keep my hair perm free a little bit longer?


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Jun. 14, 2007 at 7:14 PM well for me it's the best decision i could have ever made i have my hair really short that i just tie a scarf around my sides and the hair tht's on top never gets messed up i guess it depends on how short u get it

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