So my stepmom made me feel all guilty about not coming to see my dad on Father's Day when I went to get my hair done on Friday.  I decided it would be good to take the boys over there so they could see him, since he's been away for work all week.  Well of course, he went to church with them, so all the running around I did was for nothing.  At least I got to leave the gift at the house. 

I took the boys over to Dan's house (Step's job), since it was right around the corner.  My phone was almost dead anyway, so it worked out.  Elle was outside and decided that she wanted to play, so we had a nice, quick play date with her and Luke.

I called the house when I got home and Monique wanted to know if the boys could come over.  Donna said she was doing some cooking, so not until later.  Whatever.  I don't have to hear any shit from Step, and that's all that counts.  He gets to go out for  a little bit, and I get to go to work (as usual).

Can't wait to have the day off tomorrow. (not like I'll get to relax or anything, but at least I won't be at work)

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