I guess this post is really more of a vent!  I have two awesome "babies", Kyle is 9 he has autism so can be quite time consuming and I tend to be a very controlling mom, Scottlynn is my baby and she'll be 8 next month.  Anyways, their dad lives in New Mexico and the kids spend summers with him per our custody agreement.  The only problem is, his new wife who basically doesn't like my son but loves my daughter as she has two boys of her own, so she loves doing girly things with my daughter.  Normally I don't get two upset about it.  We're only two weeks into this summer's visit and my son is already crying saying he wants to come home.  They expect him to take naps every day (hello, he's nine years old!!!) which wouldn't be too bad if he could read a book or something during nap time, but nope, do you know how long we worked so he wouldn't take naps during the day at school????  Then he tells me he's hungry and he had just got done eating lunch, I said did you tell them you're still hungry he said no, he was afraid they'd get mad!!!  WTF?  THEN, their step mom tells my ex's mom that she doesn't believe my son has special needs????  WTF?  I asked if I should send the 40 some pages of notes from when he was diagnosed while he was in a psych hospital for 3 weeks when he was 5!!!!!!!  The shit part of it is that right now I don't have enough to say anything to anyone about, I have to tell my kids it'll get better and to try and be good so they don't get in trouble.  My son asked me "why can't you just come get me" and I couldn't tell them because your dad is an ass and won't let me even though he's never there and not spending time with you!  my ex views the kids as they are "his" kids as in his truck is "his" truck, they are possesions.  I'm sure he loves them, but I'm not sure he likes him.  His new wife is pregnant, I'm hoping when she has the baby that my ex will back off pushing for visitation so much, he already decided he was only taking them twice a year now instead of the 4 times he's supposed to.  My daughter is doing okay down there right now, as long as she behaves, they treat her much better then my son.  In the past the kids have told me that their step mom spanks them with a belt across the butt or legs, well of course my ex and I had it out about that one and apparently that's not happening now, but hte kids are also afraid to tell me anything, they have gotten in trouble from their dad for "spreading his business".  I'm so at a loss, don't know what to do or if this is just normal emotinons going along with being a control freak mom and not having any control?  Okay, long enough for now

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