I'm becoming an Ebay addict!  In the last week, I've won 10 auctions for items - one set of Kissaluvs diapers with covers and 9 auctions for nursing camis or shirts.  I have nursing bras but no camis or shirts designed for nursing and I decided that if I'm going to nurse Augie until he's 1, at least, then I need some clothing specifically designed for nursing.  There is no nursing clothing (other than bras) to be purchased in Marshall and I just don't have the chance to shop for this stuff when we get to the Twin Cities - never enough time for everything I want to shop for!  Plus, I can't find it in Target when I look there, which is the only place I've had time to look in.  Thank goodness for Ebay, although I suppose David might not think so when he realizes how much I've purchased.  But I've gotten really good deals on everything, so I would have spent a lot more if I'd purchased it all new!!

 Kind of funny to think that just a month or so ago I had never purchased anything on Ebay and now I feel like a bit of an expert, at least on bidding on things.


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Jul. 5, 2007 at 8:35 AM

From one "yardsaler" to another, I can see how easy it is to get  hooked!  LOL

I get in and out of eBay.  I love it, but have to be careful or I find myself spending HOURS on there.  LOL  Not only did I buy, but I sold a few things years ago.  I would go to yardsales, estate sales and auctions and buy antiques that I knew already had a great market online.  It was almost too easy.  The only problem - I couldn't part with half the antiques.  You should see my house! 

 I found some great maternity (slightly used) clothes there as well.  A few of my friends were rather snotty about the whole thing, but I thought, what's the difference?  I just threw them in the washer and presto - they were clean.  I guess you have to be a "yardsaler" to understand.  :)

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Aug. 11, 2007 at 2:26 PM I am also a "lover" of EBAY!  I try not to spend too much time on there, but I do enjoy it--especially when I win! (Of course.)

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