When my now seventeen year old daughter was about four and we were leaving from a visit at her paternal grandparent's home; Grandma, with arms out stretched, said to her, "give me some sugar."  As my daughter was heading towards her grandma's arms I could see the wheels spinning, as she had never heard this term before, and right before contact she stopped in her tracks, looked up at grandma then at me and said, "Mom, grandma needs a candy bar."  We all busted out laughing, grandma suggested a kiss instead and I explained what grandma meant on the way home. 

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Jul. 12, 2009 at 4:11 PM

That is so precious! I love how are children's minds work :-). Your DD knew what she wanted...candy lol. But G'ma's kisses are just as sweet :).

Love & HUGS~Donna

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