About a week ago my little 4 month old boy was having some issues.  He was having crying fits, spitting up, and not sleeping well.  We took him to the doctor and got him some meds for reflux.  After a few more days of the crying fits he's finally back.  He smiles constantly, giggles alot, and talks up a storm.  Today he started doing the cutest thing.  He learned to do the raspberries.  He sticks his tongue out, blows bubbles, and makes this really cute noise.  After he does it he looks at you to see if you noticed then giggles and starts kicking his legs.  I've noticed he is ticklish on his collar bone.  If you gentle run your finger over his collar bone he gets these really big smiles and will giggle.  I tell ya he is the cutest and sweetest boy to me. 

     His brother is a ham to.  Gage my 20 month old we took swimming for the first time on Sunday.  I thought he might be a little afraid and not want to do much but I was wrong.  We put a floaty and water wings on him.  After a few times of Grandma and I showing him how to kick his feet and get out and in to the pool that was it.  He just thought he was the coolest thing.  He would climb down the ladder get to the first step then jump in.  Start kicking his feet and get all around the pool.  Not only is he in love with swimming I've learned he loves to swing.  We can't go to the park without him spend 2/3 of his time swinging.  If I try to take him out of the swing before he is ready he'll say, "No mama, I swing!"  Kids got to love em' 

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