My son is 20 months old and has taken up eating everything but the kitchen sink.  It seems like everytime I turn around he's at the counter saying, "eat."  He gets up in the morning and he will eat a bowl of cereal plus drink the milk after.  After I change him and fill up his sippy cup he's over at the counter screaming, "eat."  At that time I usually give him a banana or an apple.  Then he's off to play in his room for about 15 to 20 minutes while I feed my 4 month old.  After my 4 month old is fed and playing my son usually want me to fill his sippy even though it is still 1/3 full.  Once again he's at the counter, "eat."  If I tell him no he throws a tantrum.  Acts like he hasn't eaten all day.  I try to take his mind off of eating by taking him outside to play, but after about 20 minutes to 30 minutes he wants to come in.  He's no doubt at the counter screaming, "eat."  That's about the time I give me little fruit puffs in a snack up.  I figure that will tide him over until lunch.  Boy am I wrong after about 2 snack cups full of fruit puffs he's at the counter, "eat."  I usually tell him no and get him ready for a nap.  Then when he gets up from a nap he is a pig.  I usually give him something simple like a cut up hotdog and grapes.  Takes him no time to scarfe that down.  Once I change him he's at the counter, "eat."  I tell him no and try to get his attention onto something else.  Nope that usually turns into a big tantrum.  Of course Dh is no help because when Dh gets home from work all he wants to do is snack.  I've told him time and time again you can't snack all the time in front of the kids because they will want to also.  Dinnertime is the worst.  You'd really think my son hasn't eaten all day.  For dinner I usually will make a meat, veggie, and fruit.  My son will eat about a plate and a half to two plates full of food.  When he's done he'll come and eat off of our plates.  It never fails half hour after dinner he's at the counter, "eat."  I thought at first it might be a growth spurt but I don't know anymore.  This child constinently wants to eat.     

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