Rules are if you have been tagged you have to write 10 weird things fact or habits about your self,then chose 10 people to be tagged list their names and why you tagged them,Don"t forget to leave the message on their profile you"ve been tagged.and tell them to read your lasted journal entree.


1. I hate cockroaches. They are dirty and too fast to catch.

2. I do not take vacuum, My Husband does the heavy duty wrok arounbd here.

3. I love to burn candles each night before going to sleep, it relaxes me

4. I love fresh cut flowere by my bedside, I wake up feeling loved

5. I do not like to mate socks. It seems a mundane chore

6. I love to cook with my children in hopes they will begin cooking for me someday before they move out of the house

7. I do not like to talk on my cel phone and drive, safety first

8. I always wear matching panty and bra sets, it makes me feel sexy all day.

9. I look forward to family movie night, when we all pike into our bed and watch a movie and eat popcorn. Your kids are only young once, get all the time you can with them

10. I still like it when my Dad calls me his little girl. I feel like such a princess, I am almost 32!

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