On monday July 16 he decided that he was cheating his first family and was going back home.

I knew that he had two kids who are in Kansas and that of course he WAS married. We were involved for about a year and he started talking marriage. I, of course, assumed then that he was no longer married. Then there was the moment when he said "have my baby?". Yes, I wanted another baby, didn't know if I could have one but yes. Guess what! We got pregnant. His children were here for two weeks this summer(Tiff 12, Tyler 10) from Kansas. Daddy told them the new about the pregnancy and they were excited, at first. It did not take long before Tiffany informed me that her mommy and daddy were still married. I thought.......she must be mistaken, right? Wrong. I confronted him and he confessed. After the children went home two weeks ago he received a call from the X, I mean HIS WIFE.  I guess that she put the pressure on him because on Monday, July 16 he told me that he felt he was cheating his FIRST FAMILY and was going back home. WHAT ABOUT ME AND THE BABY? HIS REPLY WAS THAT HE COULD NOT WORRY ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW BUT HE WOULD CALL ME. &*%$@#!!!!!!!!!!


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Jul. 20, 2007 at 9:23 AM well, this is the 2nd time I am reading this and it still pisses me off for you. You have my support and best wishes. You are better off as far as I'm concerned! Good luck!

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Jul. 20, 2007 at 10:18 AM

my thoughts exactly immarvy!!

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Jul. 20, 2007 at 11:22 AM i agree with both of you... it makes me absolutely livid.

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Jul. 20, 2007 at 11:46 AM Wow, what a shocker!  I have to admit, when I first started reading, I thought you were just going to say he wasn't divorced yet.....that is pretty common because people get caught up with the details in divorces and it sometimes takes a long time.  But THIS is messed up on so many levels.  I can't believe he even had an option to go back to his first wife.....doesn't that sound strange?  I really don't think I would want my husband to return...the wife is sure to find out you are expecting.  I'm so sorry you have been left in this situation, but it sounds like you are much better without him.  I hope you don't feel as if any of this is your fault.  He completely deceived you.  It just all sounds so crazy....do you think maybe his wife threatened him with something (like alimony/child support) to get him to return?  There are so many victims here:  you, your unborn baby, your older child, his children and his wife.  You can do a much better job raising this baby on your own and I'm sure you wouldn't want a person like that to influence your child in any way.  Hang in there.  Things will get better.

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