*For the record...crunchy is a term I pulled from Babycenter and it means hippy, organic, all natural, etc*

 I tell my fiance I'm "lightly sprinkled with granola".  He can't call me a hippy until I say we are going to cloth diapers (ick).  But I've noticed since having Aiden I'm a little more aware of things and options.  For example:

* I'm planning a drug free, all natural VBAC from baby number 2.  This means no epidurals for me!  No IVs, no laboring on my back like a friggen beetle.  No pitocin, cervadil, cytotec (if they come near me with THAT stuff I'm going to hop out of bed and physically remove the nurse from my room, in the middle of labor or not), no strap around my belly all the time, no excuse of "well we will wait and see how you are before we rule out a c section".

* I'm planning on eating extremely health with #2 and following the Bradley Diet, even though I may not use their Method for the birth, but their diet is pretty healthy.

* I'm going to breastfeed, even if I have to lock myself in a room to get away from my mother and her old wives tales.  I think one of the reasons I failed with Aiden was because I listened to her excuses of "well no women in our family have been able to breastfeed for 3 generations!".  She thinks I'm nuts because I'm interested in herbal supplements to help if my supply is lacking.  I think she's just not open minded.  I'm going to be proactive and get involved with LLL and as many LCs as I can find and will talk to me. 

* I'm homeschooling Aiden and our hypothetical children for elementary school.  Middle school and high school will probably be private, if we can afford it.  My fiance and I had a debate on this.  The homeschooling came up because I wanted to homeschool for preschool because it's so expensive and then depending on how Aiden and I do, we will continue it for all of elementary school and get involved in local sports through the city and the park district for socialization.  I want to do private school because I have gone to both public and private and the education I recieved and Aiden would recieve in a private school far surpasses what you get in a public school.  I was learning pre-algebra in 6th grade when the public school didn't even touch on it until 8th (2n+n=3n type stuff I mean).  Private schools have access to funding, they have limited class sizes, and more one on one time with the teachers.  We decided to talk about it again when the time comes to make the decision.

* I really want to get a baby sling LOL  I think they're awesome and I wish I had one when Aiden was younger because even now, his favorite place to fall asleep is with his head resting on my chest so he can hear my heartbeat.

So I don't think I've reached the crunchy stage, but correct me if I am wrong.  I'm just more aware of the things out there than I was before Aiden and even with I was a naive 19 year old pregnant with him.

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Jul. 30, 2007 at 5:48 PM

WOW.  I'm SUPER proud of you for all of those choices you're making!  You really will be doing your children SUCH favors by this!  Yes, you're a bit crunchy for it, but not full-blown. ;)
If you ever want any advice, please don't hesitate to ask me!  I'm still breastfeeding my son, and have learned SO MUCH about BFing and such that I really feel I can offer some sound advice on the subject (heck, I was actually thinking about training to be a lactation consultant!).  I also do the mostly-organic thing with him, as well as selective/delayed vaccination, and I'm going to homeschool my children too. :)

By the way, cloth diapers are SO not as gross as they seem.  REALLY!  I cloth diaper about 80% of the time (though we're on sposie's right now as I'm sending out my diapers to have the elastic fixed  -it wears out after all of my diaper-abuse).  If you ever want to learn more about them (Or want to hear some nasty things about disposable... hehe) let me know!  They are SOOO much more comfy and CUTE than 'sposies. 


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Nov. 14, 2007 at 11:16 AM ahh i really enjoyed your insight. this post moved me.

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Dec. 6, 2007 at 5:56 PM Nothing wrong with crunchy! Everyone loves granola!

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