About two months ago, I accidentally happened onto a site for a weight loss product supposedly endorsed by Oprah.  I started to fill out the order form, but never got around to submitting the form.  I had second thoughts after entering my credit card number.  Never the less 2 days later a charge for a shipping and handling fee for their product appeared on my credit card statement, which I check daily online (its a prepaid credit card so I watch it as if it was a checking account).  I decided that was a resonible price for a sample and I would give it a try.  About two weeks later I recieved a bottle of these pills in the mail.  No literature, to invoice, no billing statement, nothing.  Two days later (at 10pm) my husband tries to use the credit card which should still have $100 on it at the local quick store, and it is denied.  I get online again and check the statement and this company has charged my account $99.61, and they have done this in the last half hour.  That was on saturday and their offices aren't open but 9-5 CST M-F (or so the automated answering system says).  I called first thing Monday morning and was told that I neglected to call the 800 number in the 14 days allowed and was shipped a 3-month supply on the previous Saturday.  I would have to wait for it to arrive and send it back unopened in order to get a refund.  I waited and waited for this 'shipment of a 3-month supply' to come in.  Finally, I called the company to find out what was going on.  I informed them that I had never received the shipment they claimed to have sent and demanded a refund.  The lady said that it would be in my account in "3-5 business days."  I called back this morning to find out the status of the refund and was told there was a delay in processing my refund and it might take a little longer. I demanded the money be back on my credit card by no later than 5 pm today, and informed them that I would be registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and any other authority I can find; as well as posting this journal and a blog to the same effect on my MySpace page.  We'll see if I get that refund now.  My only real question is if they aren't open on Saturday evenings, who the heck sent out that supposed shipment and more importantly charged my credit card? And should we have to submit a page before they are allowed to charge our credit cards?  Any way, just needed to rant for a minute.

BTW: the company is www.bodyfitpro.com.  never, ever enter your info on their page unless you are certain that you want to order.

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