My son is going to be a "Legacy baby". He will be named after Brandon Lee Peckumn, my cousin, who died Jan. 14 and after Stephen's grandfather, Jackie Douglas Hatcher, who died Jan. 28.

 My dad pretty much forced me to come down to Texas and visit my grandma for two weeks....I am ready to be home but whatever. I really want to go to Brandon's grave and talk to him. I know I can talk to him anytime because he's with me all the time (his spirit) but I miss him....It depresses me that he died of cancer at such a young age. He was only 28.

My grandma won't stop telling me that I need to put my dad's name into my child's name somehow. Today I told her I don't want to. Because I don't. This kid has a strong name and although my father is strong and I love him, I don't want another name for my son just because people think that I should name my son Brandon Douglas Thomas Hatcher or whatever.

 <3 Cierra


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Jul. 29, 2007 at 1:16 AM

I'm not from the US, but I'm a naturalized American...

I was going to say I'm not an American, so I don't understand why you have to name him after dead people...

I have a feeling (I'm not quite sure) that in my Philippine traditions it's bad luck to name a child after people who have just died...

And since I didn't grow up here, I think it's freaky (scary) to name a child after recently deceased people.

This is just my opinion... PLEASE PLEASE don't be offended....

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