Well we are back from Virginia.  We all had a great time.  The ride down wasn't so bad.  Wyatt woke up about New Haven, CT which was a little more than an hour into the drive because we got stuck in traffic and then my nephew Kazmire had to go to the bathroom.  When we got going again he fell right back asleep.  My niece Joellehowever was up for like 4 hours of the drive.  It took us about 8 hours to get there but we did take one 1 hour stop so Joelle could walk around and strech.  We got to my Grams house at like 6:30 AM....The day we got there we hung around the house resting and then we went out to eat at Bills BBQ for dinner (YUM).  On Sunday we went to my Aunt's neighborhood pool.  Trey was sooo much braver then I thought he was going to be since he rarely gets to go swimming.  By the end of the day he was swimming under water and holding his breath for like 10 seconds.  Then my sister and I cooked Ribs and stuff for dinner that night for our Gram.  On Monday we hung out with our Uncle and his wife.  We went to this outside mall we in Dicks sporting goods store there is a rock climbing wall.  Well it was closed on mondays so we didn't get to go on it (which was a good thing because we found out trey was 3 inches too short anyways) We they had water gysers in the middle of a pavillion so the kids all ran through it in their clothes so I had to buy them all new outfits  because they were SOAKED  lol......We also went to a Vietnamese restaurant which was good.  On Tuesday we went to Kings Dominion Amusement Park.  We were there from open to close basically.  My gram watched the babies so it was just Trey and Kazmire.  They had soooo much fun.  Trey got mad a few points because he wasn't tall enough to go on all the rides Kazmire was going on.  But he got over it.  There were a few roller coasters that he was allowed on.  They all slept good that night lol.  On Wednesday we went to our Aunt's house and went out to eat at Cicis Pizza Buffet which Kazmire was so excited about because we get the commercials in CT but there are no restaurants around here.  Then on Thursday we hung around the house until after we put all the kids to bed and then my sister, me, my aunt cathy, my aunt susan, my aunt beth and one of their friends all went out bar hopping.  We got back home about 4.  It was a lot of fun the only bad part was the TWO places that were packed were...one was a karaoke bar and the people singing SUCKED and the other one was all 80's music which is not horrible but since it was 80's night it was basically a gay bar in there,....SO MANY gay men lol.  But we had a good time.  On Friday we went to the zoo and I got to feed a GIRAFFE WOO HOO.  and then we ate at cracker barrel.  Then on Saturday we hung around the house and packed and then went out for dinner and ice cream and we headed home at about 9 PM and got home at 4 AM.....we didn't hit any traffic but we got in the HOV lane and missed the off part to stay on 95 so we ended up going through Washington DC instead of around it and then in Maryland I got a speeding ticket and the cop was and idiot but he reduced it to only 50 dollars so that not so bad.  All and all it was a good Trip.  Posting pics in my pics section.

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