I am sorry that I have not been in touch with you guys in a long time.  With all the stuff that has happenned in my life lately and school, I just have not had much time.....HI to all you guys and I missed speaking to you all, or actually typing messages and recieving them.......My life is getting better and I made the Dean's List again, despite my 9 yr old sons diagnosis of chronic kidney failure and my brothers death.....My son Conner, he is improving, he speaks now and is saying new words everyday, he is so smart......his GERD is still pestering him and he is going to be allergy tested in August.  Then back to the stomach doctor.  he has acid diareaha often and we are trying to figure out the cause......well thats a small update, thanks for being my friend and sorry for the neglect!!!!


Love, Jesie

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Aug. 8, 2007 at 3:26 AM Glad to hear from you and that things are looking up!!!

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