10 things that i like

1.spring and fall seasons

2 pizza

3 light colors

3 dogs  have 7 of them

4 cats   have 1 real live one

5 stuffed anmiles

6 my kids have 4 of those love them all very much

7 my husband

8 god with out him none of us would be here

9 to read books

10 my comptuer


10 things i dislike

1 flys

2 mice

 3  spiders

4 people who think they r better then u

5 people who judge others

6 people who like to brag about them selfs

6 people who r not honest with u

7 beets one vegestable i never had a liking for

8 artachokes

 9 swamps

 10 hot and muggy weather

what r u likes and dislikes?

have a great day





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Aug. 9, 2007 at 7:06 PM I'm confused...you don't like people who are honest with you?

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Aug. 9, 2007 at 7:46 PM i think i have worded right now

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Aug. 9, 2007 at 8:25 PM


1. My kids   2. Horses  3. reading  4. Writing  5. Cafemom  6. Dogs  7. Hummingbirds  8. Lilacs 9. CHOCOLATE  10. Hugs


10 Dislikes

1. Liars  2. Judgemental People  3. Backstabbers   4. Spiders   5.Tardiness  6. Ultimatums  7. Nosy People   8. Prejudice   9. Lonliness  10. Lack of sleep.

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Aug. 9, 2007 at 9:05 PM i forgot the lack of sleep one

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Aug. 9, 2007 at 9:29 PM


1. God, 2. My Kids, 3. My Hubby, 4. Spring and Fall, 5. Books, 6. My Job (can u believe that), 7. Coffee, 8. animals, 9. McDonalds, 10. the Trueth


1. Liars, 2. The cap being left off the toothpaste, 3. Dirty house, 4. Winter and Summer, 5. Ppl that Judge (it is not up to us to do that), 6. PPl that can't drive right, 7. Ppl that think they are better( we all put our pants on the same way)  8. PPL that treat kids bad, 9. This heat ( it is killing me), 10. Bill collectors

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Aug. 10, 2007 at 9:33 AM

Lets see... my 10 Likes....Ummm

1. Gum I love to chew gum lol 2.green.. my fav. color is green 3. I like to read. I read harlequin super romance novels. 4.  I like my husband most of the time LOL 5. I like to fish.. love to go fishing! 6. I like to attend church... love to be around all by b and s in Christ! 7. I like Mexican food.. love to go out and eat Mexican. 8. I like to play out side with my kids.. wont be long till they wont want to be around me. 9. I like Bull Riding.. love to watch that . 10. I like YOU! I try to like people for who they are and appreciate what they are!

 10 things that I dont like!!!!

1. Liars.. I dont like to be lied to at all. 2. Water.. I think it is very pretty but I am  terrified of water!! 3. fake people.. I dont like people who try to act like something that they are not. You are who God made you. 4. My weight.. I dont like it at all!! lol 5. Chinese Food.. . I dont like it at all either lol.. 6. The heat here... its soooo HOT!!! 7. The fact that the preacher is leaving my church. 8. My apartment.. its sooo small and we have no room. 9. The fact that my husband is going to be on call next week.. means he will be working lots of late nights all week. 10. Not being commented on cafe mom lol..

 Have a Blessed day all!!

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