i'm so pissed off at him all the time, i figured i'd give him his own journal. this may be kinda long n bitchy so no one has to read all  of it. it's just to let shit out.

                                                                          everything i hate about david

  • pervert: i'm 7n1/2 mos pregnant. i know that affects everyone differently, but sex is the last thing on my mind. besides the hormonial changes, i've been too pissed off to wanna screw him. the doctor even told us not to. but he still fucking pushes it. he's always horny n asking for me to blow him or something n i just wanna cut it off already. before the pregnancy, i wasn't as "open" to trying everything as he was n he kept pushing it n i told him how much it bothered me. now i'm irritable as hell and he still won't let it go. i'm always hurting n asking him to rub me but he never wants to rub anythng but my boobs n clit. he keeps humping n touching me n begging until i smack him in the balls then he gets mad. i know it's mean of me but i don't care since it's like talking to a wall with him.
  • lazy irresponsibe sob: i'm stuck living with him for now n i've never known anyone so damn useless. he doesn't work or wanna work. he doesn't go to school. his parents are paying monthly for his homeschool supplies n books, but he doesn't go anywhere near them. his mom trusted him with a credit card n he totally fucked her over with that. always spending, never paying. he eats in his room all the time n will never take out the dishes or trash he leaves behind. bugs love it. i don't wanna worry about letting my daughter spend the night here then going back home half eaten cause of the bugs. whenever he eats a bag of chips or something, he leaves it open n they go stale. he won't wash or even rinse his dishes. he won't sort, wash, dry, or even put away his own laundry. he doesn't even like putting all the dirty clothes in one basket. he won't make the bed, brush off the crumbs, or wash the sheets for anything. alll his drawers are open. the room hasn't been dusted in forever. it's cluttered with junk, wires, n million year old paper work. game systems, controls, and disks are EVERYWHERE. he's always on some damn online game n needs 2 fucking computers to play. he leaves all his electronics on all night running up the electricity bill n heating up the room. he sleeps all day n plays games all night.
  • bad temper: he's always pissed about something and doesn't hesitate to yell at me about it. he says i pressure him too much into getting a job. he blames me when he gets one n doesn't like it. he hates that i tell him to clean up after himself. he's mean to my cat n dog. he calls my dog dumb because she's hyper n huge. he kicks my cat off the bed. he loses his temper over everything. he drives like a maniac when he's mad.
  • electronic freak: i've got nothing against electronics, but i know they'll be the financial death of him. he wants a new sports car with a pimped out radio system, more games, another tv, another computer, and he's always blasting music. i love music, but constant loud shit gives me a headache.  
  • smelly: can you say shower??? cause he can't. i know guys naturally just sweat n smell worse than us for some reason, and i can't complain about that. but when they do nothing about it, it's literally nausiating. his body odor makes me wanna barf sometimes. me n his mom try so hard to get him to shower daily, brush his teeth, n put on his deodorant. but he's just too damn lazy.
  • racist: i know alot of people can be funny with it without it offending people. but he takes it too far n not in a humorous way. he steriotypes all nationalities in the rudest ways. n i can't tell if he's kidding cause he does it so much. i don't want my daughter growing up around the things he says.
  • liar: he totally gets this from his dad. he'll lie his way out of anything to anyone. like he had a bill to pay but he got mad at the company so he just didn't wanna pay it. he called n complained saying things like "i've never heard of this company. who are you people? what contract? what do you mean you have my signature? someone stole my social security number and is using my name..." that is NOT the way to go about things.
  • insensitive: he pays no attention to what bothers or scares me. like when i'm trying to sleep and he's playing the music AT 3 IN THE MORNING. n i'm REALLY REALLY scared of bugs. i saw one fly from the closet to the tv n freaked. i asked him to get up n kill it. but he just sat at the computer n told me to stop being such a pussy. i kept screaming n freaking out so he finally got up. by the time he did, he couldn't find n told me i was seeing things.

i just don't know how much longer i can put up with him. i keep hoping things'll get better but i really don't know. i don't love him but i know he's always gonna play a big role in my life since i have to learn to get along with him and we are raising a baby together. but he's already 19 n nowhere near growing up.

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Aug. 10, 2007 at 6:28 PM Sounds like you'll have two kids!!!  How old is he?

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Aug. 10, 2007 at 7:06 PM Sounds like you have a long road ahead of you!  I hope you all the best and maybe with time he will see what he's doing... he sounds just like my dh did when we were expecting our first child... but i think we were a little older...  Best of luck to you hon...

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Aug. 11, 2007 at 3:10 PM honey i wish we could just pack you up and bring you home with us but thats a little hard to do now bc theres alot of ppl in the house. but when we do get our place we will pack you and ivy up and take you in with us, i want nothing but the best for you and this douche bag isnt it. i dont like him and i never will, call/text me tonight i love you sugar dumpling ~hugs and kisses~

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Aug. 16, 2007 at 10:21 PM

I am so sorry you have to deal with all of that!

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Sep. 14, 2007 at 11:58 AM

im so sorre to hear that hunnie you cant let men put you down you have to take a stand for yourself dont let him push you around

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