It's nice to have goals.  It's even better to work on those goals, track your progress and share your triumphs and tribulations with others. So... here is my goal.

I want to lose weight.  I want to do it for myself and my family.  I want to be able to keep up with my daughter as she gets older.  I want to feel like I have control over at least one part of my life.  Many things happen that we cannot control, but we can decide how healthy we want to be.

My doctor just did a blood test to check cholesterol and other things.  As it turns out, my cholesterol, blood pressure and other things all measure below average.  I'm relatively healthy. I'm just carrying too much extra weight.  And I don't necessarily want to be stick skinny, I just want to be able to buy clothes in stores and not always from catalogues.  It would be nice to fit into movie theater seats.  I'd love to not feel like such a large giant (I'm also 5'11" tall) around everyone else.

My name is Jessica, and this is my goal.

My stats for August are:
Weight - 360
Size - 28/30
The sad part is that I won't be able to update my weight because they don't make many scales that will accomodate weight past about 330 or so.  All I will go by is the way my clothes fit and how out of breath I get from walking around downtown Tacoma - why are downtown areas built on hills anyway?!

I encourage everyone who has a goal to put it out there, track your progress publicly, and remember - every achievement is a good achievement, regardless of how big it is.  Whether I lose 1 lb or 10 lbs the first few weeks, just thinking about what I eat is a step in the right direction. Making conscious choices about your life is the best thing you can do. Don't react by instinct. Think why you are doing the things you do, what excuses you make up for doing them, and now what you can do to change it for better behaviour.

You can do it!

WashingtonMom - with one beautiful baby girl in Chandler, AZ
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Sep. 30, 2008 at 5:00 PM

I also am working on my weight! If you want a buddy maybe I can be one. I live in AZ too! I have 3 kids though. SO far I have lost 5 pounds. I too am not unhealthy but need to lose the extra weight. I feel unhealthy but the doc says I am not.

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