So Here's a pic of me at my best.  Figures that the point in my life I was most happy with my body was also a point where there are really few pictures of me.  Except for high school.  I suppose that I could post something from then.  If I could find anything.  I was probably around 130 lbs in this photo. I think the flag adds a few pounds ya know?  I just remember during the rehersals for this show being really happy when all the guys agreed that the girl on the cover of one of the comic books lying around looked just like me.  Of course at the time I was teaching gymnastics for about 14 hours a week and now I have a desk job.  I'm going to try really hard to remember to charge my camera and take a picture of what I look like currently.  Joy

On a good note we went to my Nephue's(sp?) birthday party yesterday and my BIL commented on the fact that I'm looking better.  He's the type that will tell you if you're looking good, but will keep his mouth shut if you're not.

Need to be better this week about exercising though.  Rehersals for Fringe have really cut into taking a walk or doing yoga at night though.  I've still got to figure out a color scheme for my character though.  Which is actually hard for this character.  Since she dresses in the way I've always tried to avoid.  And I really don't have the money to buy a bunch of new things.  But looking for clothes and loosing some weight has finally gotten me to pull some of my old clothes out of storage and wash them.  Will my Ass ever fit into my old clothes again?

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Aug. 13, 2007 at 2:51 PM Hey! So, you act locally in your city doing plays and such? I think it's a great picture!

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Aug. 15, 2007 at 5:30 PM thank you, The theater that I'd been performing at closed in November, and I haven't had a chance to get in touch with any of the other theater groups in the area.  But I am going to be in a show for the San Francisco Fringe Festival in just a few weeks. It's the first thing I've done since I found out I was pregnant.

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