I'm feeling frustrated today because I feel like my kids don't have grandparents.  Dh's parents passed away before our boys were born, but my parents are still alive and live about 25 minutes away.  The boys hardly ever get to see them or spend time with them because my parents are raising my sisters kids while my sister lives there.  They spend all of their spare time with my sisters 3 kids.  They take them out to eat, to a movie, or shopping constantly.  Everytime my parents go to the lake they take my sisters kids and not any of their other grandkids.  They always say they want to spend sometime with the boys but when they get the time to something comes up either a doctor appointment or my sister leaves her kids with my parents.  Take today for instant my mom was on her way to take my sister's kids to a movie after lunch when she called me to remind me to have dh stop by and pick up somethings.  Mom told me yesterday to stop by on my way out so she could see the boys.  Well she didn't get to see the boys.  I stopped by but she wasn't home.  I let my self in like she said and it was around naptime so I put the boys down for a nap.  Mom came home but had to leave 20 minutes before the boys got up from their nap.  When she came back I was getting the boys ready but she didn't get to spend time with them because she had to help my 7 year old niece with her homework.  It's sad because my son absolutely adores my parents.  Everytime we go into town he looks for Grandma's house and I have to try and divert his attetion because grandma doesn't have time for him.  How do you do that to a kid?  How do you tell a 2 year old little boy who adores his grandma that Grandma doesn't have time for you or grandma's busy?   

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Aug. 15, 2007 at 5:10 PM Wow that really really sucks for your kids, and for you.  I understand how you feel.  My dad never comes over to see me and my kids either.. NOW, granted he does live about 2 hours away, but we go see him.. he never comes here to see us.  He's only seen Phoenix 4 times and he is 8 months old!  It's crappy because he would rather spend his money on beer than to come visit.

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