I am now working at home.  I needed to help get us out of some of our dept faster than we were planning.  It was ridiculous for me to go back to work and put one child in day care full time and the second in day care half the day and then put our oldest that would be going into school full day for aftercare all so that I could go back to work and pay for child care. 

I decided to start watching a few children from my home.  I love children and it is also great for my own children to have some new friends.  I will have my daughter who is 2 with me at home all day and my son who is a program for speech goes to school from 12:00 to 3:00pm Mon-Fri.  I also have an 8 year old daughter who goes to full day school from 7:15 am until 2:50 pm Mon-Fri.  One of the children that I am sitting for is 5 years old and goes to full day school and will be dropped off at my house by 3:15 pm and I will be with his younger brother and my daughter all day.  I also will be having one other 2 year old who has the same schedule as my daughter and the other baby that I watch so it is ideal.  I wont take anymore children though.  I want to give them lots of attention.  I am only doing this from Mon-Friday.  My weekends are so for my kids..

The links to get started with a profile are:  www.sittercity.com

I loved the link and feel that it is very reliable.  The site was on the news and a few talk shows. 

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