I woke up this morning to my 2 year old calling out my name.  In her cute little voice (MOMMY) She makes my name sound so sweet... MOOOOMMMMIIIEEE  as she almost sings it.  I had gone to sleep late last night because I couldn't sleep but woke up and couldn't wait to get her and give her a big kiss and hug.  I have three children and this one is my youngest.  I was going through old pictures of the children yesterday and started to reminis.  I actually started crying and saying were did the time fly by.  I couldn't remember them being so tiny.  I am trying to absorb all of them right now so that I don't forget.  Ron and I do lots of day trips for them and I take loads of pictures of almost every move they make.  LOL  I just can't get enough of them.   

 I just love being a mom so much and wanted to thank God for giving me three beautiful, well mannored children who love each other so much.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  Today I'm giving thanks for being blessed not once but three times in my life!!  Thank you ... 

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