That being, My Cerebrospinal Fluid dripping down my asscrack. Ya know, yesterday wasn't so bad.  I took two Ativan about an hour before my appointment and don't remember too clearly after that.

So the pharmacist told me to take one or two a half an hour before my procedure at 11AM.  At about 9:45 I'm pacing in the kitchen in tears because I do NOTNOTNOT want to have them sticking a needle in my spine. To my good fortune my husband hadn't left for class yet, and was able to convince the gibbering idiot that I had become to take my pills NOW.. . NO, take TWO.  I can honestly say that they did their job, and I stopped crying, after approximatly 15 minutes.

After that, things get kind of fuzzy for a while. I can remember being picked up by my aunt and going to pick up my good friend Lacey. And I remember the LP.  It was one of the least fun things ever.  I will be very happy if I never feel anything scraping against/between my bones ever again.   But I really don't remember having my blood drawn.  (usually an ordeal due to small uncooperative veins)  and it took me a long time this morning to remember if I'd eaten anything after breakfast yesterday.  I can't remember my aunt dropping me off, or most of the afternoon.I don't really even remember much about rehersal.  But I do remember having a great time at the bar for Karaoke.  I'll blame not being able to hit the pitch with a giant flyswatter on my drug addled brain.  Probably wasn't the best idea to drink.  But I had so much fun that it was worth calling my boss (Dad) this morning and telling him that I still felt too wobbly to drive (true, though I'm not sure what to blame) I just waited till Rich got home from class and let him drive.  The nap in the meantime did wonders.

Now all I have to do is wait a week for the results.

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Aug. 22, 2007 at 10:34 PM Hey :) Are you leaking spinal fluid now, or are you talking about while you were getting the lp done?

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Aug. 23, 2007 at 2:33 PM No, no current leaking.  Just at the beginning of the tap.  Lucky me, no headache just stomachache from worry/waiting.

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