I just caught the Yo Gabba Gabba show on Noggin. Is it just me or does it look like some throw back to the seventies. The style reminds me of some old kids show that had to have been drug induced in style. The premise is good, teaches all sorts of good stuff, keeps kids attention. Just makes the parents feel like they are on some acid trip induced time traveling trip.

Just wish I could remember the name of the show it reminds me of...


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Aug. 23, 2007 at 6:01 PM THANK YOU!!! i feel the same way! its like they found it in a vault somewhere ad were like "hey lets show this!"

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Aug. 23, 2007 at 6:01 PM  Wakka Wakka omg my daughter loves thise show we get up and dance to it when it comes on. love you comment.

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Aug. 23, 2007 at 9:41 PM We haven't seen it yet but I'm sure we will soon since we stay home. I think it looks really stupid and meaningless. I want to see more Franklin and Little Bear! They always change the times of the good shows so it's hard to see them sometimes.

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