Yesterday was such a horrible day.  I woke up and got a shower and some how my conditioner bottle fell on my toe I swear I did not touch it at all.  Then when I was gettin ready downstairs in my room at like 1-130 my b/f decides to flip out on me for not using a mirror that he bought me for x-mas last yr.  After that I went to dunkin donuts to get coffee for me and him came bac and gave Nic a bath.  During his bath my toenail went under the tile and some how cut me it hurt sooooooooo bad.  If things couldn't get worse me and the b/f got into to it again this time it was worse.  He said very hurtful things as did I.  It really felt like it was over and worse of all I had to go to his sisters with him and sit with his family and pretend all was well.  I don't kno if I am gonna leave because now things seem fine but we didn't work it out or apologize.  I want to leave and I think I should but part of me wants to stay here so my son will kno his Dad.  But is that enough of a reason or is it a cop out.  I used to run all the time from shit like this y can't I run now? I feel like it is done he said he didn't care about me and that gettin bac together with me was a stupid decision.  I told him I wished that they was others when I found out I was preg with Nic.  Then he has the nerve to ask me for sex like he deserved it.  I don't kno wat to do I kno I should leave but ..........

I just wonder how far will our love go and can it fix evrything or will it just be our greatest enemy.

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Aug. 27, 2007 at 1:24 AM Sweetie I know your trying to stay there for Nic, but you need to be happy too.  If he really cares about his son he will do anything he needs to do to remain in Nic's life.  No matter what Nic will always know that he is very loved.   You have family that cares so much about you and Nic.  I'm not just talking about your real family I am talking about my family too.  I love you like a sister.  I think of you just like I think of my own sister, who I love very much and I hope she knows that.  Everything will work out in the end no matter what happens know,  You need to live and learn from it.  Oh yeah Nikki will be calling you soon,  Rob never told her, he probably forgot.   I asked her about it today. 

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