I am so damn sick and tired of my husband that I could scream!!!  He thinks he knows everything, he thinks that he has the answer to everything, and even if it is suppose to be a joint decision he goes ahead and does what he wants anyways, especially involving money!!!  I don't consider myself to be selfish or rude, but I can't say the same for my husband, he does what he wants when he wants and if he doesn't get his own f#%^ way he acts worse than any child I have ever met.  I really wish that I could load up Luke and I in the car and just drive off.

I love my husband (God only know why) but I honestly think there are days that I would be better off without him.  I know exactly where he gets it from because my father in law acts the same way, that's why he has been married three times!!!!  I swear that if my son turns out like either one of them, I will committ myself to the insane asylum!!!

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Aug. 27, 2007 at 1:41 PM

We can go to the nuthouse together!!!  lol.

I'm sorry he's being so difficult but he's a man!  Mine drives me nuts too, completely and utterly insane.  It might just be my raging hormones but it seems like he like to dance on my last nerve. 

Can you just hit the open road, being away from the house and listening to music while driving helps, a lot...if you don't have a car, go for a walk!  Don't let your frustration make you kookoo!!  Let it out, woman!

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Aug. 29, 2007 at 9:19 PM

Girlfriend I hope it gets better!  And I'll be right there in the nuthouse with ya'll.  Between my crazy hubby who is selfish...because he's of the male species and the crazy women teachers I work with.....AAAHHH!!!!!  That's why I LOVE cafemom because I can just vent away and someone will support me! 

So, get it all out chick!  And sometimes you even have to vent it to that person....sometimes they need it!

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