So today makes almost close to 5 weeks of having Lily in my life and I could not be more thrilled that she is here but no one told me that having two children under the age of two would be so hard...I mean yeah I love them with every breath in my soul but gosh darn it I NEDD A MOMENT TO MYSELF!! I have not been able to get no wash done or even take along enough shower to shave my legs please tell me someone out there knows how I feel....I love them both 


it just takes time to get used to being a mommy of two I that I am a breastfeeding mom dont help cuz my partner cant feed our daughter even though I have gotten some bottles here and there but he says she is just too small for him too hold mind u he is  6 foot 6 in tall so u can see how a tiny lil thing like her would be lost in his arms.....but I guess that I have vented enough so I am off to vist the sites..goodnight


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