My son has been in the same school since kindergarden. He going into the 5th grade. Every year I am sent a questionare to give the school an idea on my childs needs, fears, what would be best for him in placing him with a teacher that best fits his needs.  Every year has been fine (teacher wise) until this years class list was posted. I was first put off by the fact they placed him in a class with a boy that used to be my sons friend. They were in the same class for 3 years straight  and were friends in and out of school. The teacher said they had a love/hate relationship. She did recommend they they be placed together in the 4th grade because they were such good "friends" and I agreed because my son hates change and to have a friend in  his class would be benifical. To my surprise when the class list was posted they were NOT together. I was surprised but over time I realized he was not my son's friend so in  the long run it was good. This year he is IN my sons class. AND placed with a teacher (one I have never heard of) that is very strick, tough and demanding from what I was told. I said my son works best in a structured classroom, with a teacher that is soft spoken and understanding. I brought this up with another teacher that doesn't work at that school anymore but knew of the teacher and was shocked that they placed him with her. I am going to call the school this morning to ask that he be placed into another classroom for both reasons. Just had to vent, sorry so long. Wish me luck

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