Well  a few people from my house are supposedly leaving tomorrow at 5 in the morning. for some reason i don't think that will work to well with a five and nine year old who love to sleep. well i might miss them. they all did get on my nerves some what. so maybe i will smoke a bit less now and maybe enjoy my job a little bit less but it'll all work out. my mom went off on me the other night well the short of the long of it is: after the addition gets mostly done she is refinancing and then she is moving to tennessee ( don't ask me why there) and she will still be paying half the mortgage because all of her stuff will still be here and we get the house. OK, that works i guess. well so now me and mike get a 4 bedroom house with two bathrooms and one play/guest room not quite sure what to do with the extra room. maybe make it an extra bedroom so when the other two children come up for the summer they can have a room cuz i still get them every summer for at least two months i was told. yay super. so i am excited on having a house to my self and I'm thinking about another baby. i want another one so bad but we need to get things straightened here first. ttyl

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Aug. 28, 2007 at 7:23 PM

I would be so happy if someone gave me a house. I can understand why you are so confused about what to do.

You could make it into a guest bedroom or an office?

Good luck!

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