For the first time in a few weeks I have a quick chance to catch my breath.  August 20th I started back to school full time.  I take 5 classes going three nights a week and two afternoons.  It's diffinently been a big change for everyone.  I have to say though I am one lucky girl.  I have such a wonderfully supportive husband.  When I needed someone to be there for the kids while I went back to school in hopes to obtain my Associates of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design he stepped up to the plate without asking questions.  I love my boys to death and every minute I spend with them  but as a choice I made to better my family I decided to go back to school.  Between school, homework, housechores, the boys and running errands it seems like I don't have a minute to myself anymore.  I thought it was hard being a stay at home mom now I'm finding it harder to be a stay at home mom and a full time student.  I think through all of this I'm learning to appreciate my boys more.  After a tough night at school I wake up and get to see two of the most adorable faces smiling at me wanting to hug and love on mommy.  There is nothing like hearing my 2 year old tell me he loves me then give me a big kiss on the cheek or seeing my 5 month old's eyes light up when I walk into a room.  I truely feel blessed by all that God has given me.   

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