The puppys have been born.They should have their eyes open in a few days.In about a week or so their faces will start getting fuzzy,then they will start looking like yorkies.

I got Bentley's ashes back so he is now on the shelf in my dresser between his 2 favorite toys.I miss him so much but I know the other guys need my love and attention too.

Got most of the weeds out of my large flower bed.Looks soooo much better now.Still have to bring in the garden statues and flags,then I should be ready for winter.Bah!!!!I'm not a winter person.We will be going up to Cedarville the end of the month to close up the trailer for the snow season.That is always kind of sad for me.I do love it up there---so relaxing and a casino to go to and play my nickles.

Since today is dog bath day I had better get busy.

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Sep. 11, 2007 at 10:38 AM

As a fellow dog person I had to come see your post after seeing "the puppies have been born" on the general Journals page. congrats! Is the mother yours or are you adopting from this litter? either way, I was sad to see that your dog passed away. :( My dogs are truly my children, so I get it.

 Have fun with those pups!


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