So this is something that I've been wanting to write about for awhile, but I've never been ready to put it into words, bear with me here ok?? My husband of two years and 4 months is in a rap group. He's been in this group ever since high school with friends he's had FOREVER. It's a 4 guy group, and at first it was just them getting together to record lyrics and hang out. Now they have shows every other week, sometimes every week. They're all really talented and really good (especially my husband!!! hehe). CHECK THEM OUT ON WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SIXSIGN. So here we are with a little baby girl, me in nursing school and part time job, and my husband with his full time job and also doing his rapping thing. His shows are mostly at clubs...with size 2 girls, asses hanging out, boobs all over the place, throwing themselves at anything that has a penis. How do you get used to this lifestyle? I know it comes with the business, but my blood boils everytime. Not that my husband responds to any advances (which is more than I can say for the other members of the group) but I can still feel my blood pressure rise. So my answer to this is to look as possible, but I still have this complex. I don't know, I just can't seem to get used to all this! AHHH I guess I'm just venting..but even if I was a size 2 I would still complain..hehe..

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Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:27 PM yea, be concerned, otherwise he wont think you care.  just dont go off.  my husband is tall and slender very sexy, has long curly hair, and the ladies like to wrap his curls around their fingers, and even though he tells them to stop and he moves away, it still makes me furious.  i can be standing right there, and some thing will come up and touch his hair or his arm. so, yea, be concerned, but as long as he's not acting, and you're keeping yourself good-looking, dont go off on him.

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Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:27 PM I can see how it would be frustrating...but take comfort in the fact that he doesn't respond.  Obviously, he chose you, and that says a lot.  Trust is the most important part of a relationship.  But I do understand not feeling like you're the woman you were before baby.  It'll be fine....and congrats on his successes!  (and we all vent sometimes, lol!)

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Sep. 13, 2007 at 11:32 PM

  This is not your husbands OR the sluts problems,this is ALL about YOU !

        I am not a big lecturer, and I wont say that that is not hard, because it iS , especially when you are a young bride.

  But a little advice from an old broad thats been around the block a few times, a little advice from someone that JUST celebrated a 15 year Anniversary, a little advice from a chic that was a MILLION TIMES MORE JEALOUS  than you couls EVA be!!!!

   There is NOTHING more SEXY and appealing to a man, than confidence,knowing yourself,knowingthat he doesnt COMPLETE you, he COMPLIMENTS you.

 Knowing that IF, and this is a BIG IF, any of those HOES even stood a CHANCE with him, why? because he's gonna have his OWN personal HOE ( acting of course) in his own bedroom ! ( you gotta keep that freak on!

 And MOST, MOST importantly, KNOWING that IF he did cheat, or leave you, that you would not be destroyed, because he doesnt COMPLETE you, he compliments you, kind of like french fries, they are GREAT alone ,just a little better with ketchup!

 LEARN, LEARN from my mistakes, it ain't worth stressing, if you don't have trust, you REALLY have nothing .

 He could cheat if he was a businessman or whatever .You can only trust .And dont be stupid, check his pockets,( not often though !! ) LOL


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