People says I am a "DADDY's GIRL"

true, I am..

I  cried during a heavy rain when I am still at school..afraid that I cant go home because I have to walk for almost 20 minutes just to reach home..

I opened my umbrella and started to walk under the heavy rain...I have to take off my shoes, afraid that the rain  might destroy it...I had to walk bare footed..

A few minutes later of walking, I saw my dad coming...wet and barefooted...with a bigger umbrella and a slipper on his hands..and a raincoat inside the plastic bag...the best part was..He let me rode on his back like a monkey..until we got home..I was elementary at that time, still small and not so heavy..hehehe

Every time we came home from school,the food was ready..He was a good cook...He knew my favorite foods..fruits, dessert...When I had fever and colds, He took care of me in behalf of my mom..shes a nurse..

I remember when I was in College already, I go home early because of dysmenorrhea..when my dad saw me...He immediately brought me to the hospital where my mom works..when I opened my eyes I saw my Dad beside me..He's crying..He was so afraid..He never left me until I got out the following day..

One evening, we received a call from one of the hospital in our community, the caller wanted my Mom to go to the hospital...I thought it was just a simple duty for my mom...but to our surprise..It was my Dad in the ICU..He had his heart attack..He was working in the city during that time..I was so afraid..we rushed to the hospital..and I cannot look at my Dad..I cried and cried..praying and hoping that He will be Ok. God heard our prayers..My dad recovered..

When I had my first baby...I was so afraid to tell my dad about it, I was in my last year in College then...I told my mom about my situation and shes also  afraid that something might happen to my Dad if He knew about my pregnancy. I managed to keep my situation on Him because I was in another City at that time, where my school was..I stayed with the father of my baby..I didnt make it on my graduation day...Until I have to gave birth to my father was in the hospital because he got sick..well maybe thinking about me..I didnt go home for almost 5months..2 days after I gave birth to my baby, I decided to go home and see my Dad..I travelled for 5 hrs. then, Me and my baby went to the hospital to see my Dad...My family didnt want me to see Him because they were afraid something might happen to my Dad if He saw me and my baby..but I insist to see our surprise,He justt hugged me and my baby..and then He told me.."lets go home..I will take care of my grand daughter" .On that moment, we got out of the hospital and go home.

He takes care of my baby..He cooked my food...I didnt hear any confrontation...He just love me so much..He accepted the father of my baby..I go back to school and finished it.Until I had my second baby..the relationship didnt work out well so I left the father of my kidz.I went home and live with my parents...My dad takes care of me and my kidz...

I decided to look for a Dad takes care of my kidz...I was away from them. Even if I dont want to, I have to do it because I have to work to support my kidz...No support from the father...

One afternoon,an hour after I arrived from my work, my phone rang...I knew it was a call from my mom...I answered it and to my BIG mom told me the most unforgetable words she ever told me.."my Dad LEFT ME"...yes,He died..without me on His side..without seeing Him for a long time..even a small talk before he died...I was shocked...I dont knew what to do..I dont want to believe my mom...I took the first flight the following morning,I wanted to go home and make sure it wasnt a joke...and yes,it wasnt a Dad left me...

HOW CAN I SAY THANK YOU? when I cannot talk to him anymore...How can I say SORRY for all my mistakes..for all the problem I gave him..How can I tell Him how thankful I am for having a father like Him..

I wanted to tell Him how important He is to grateful I am for having Him..and a lot more words...

This coming September 25, will be His 1st year death will be a year already but I knew I wasnt able to THANK Him...for everything He has done for me and mykidz..











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Sep. 16, 2007 at 8:31 AM Trust me when I say your dad knew how thankful you were for him. He was able to see you grow from his little girl to a grown woman with her own children.  You dad may not be there physically, but he will always be in your heart. I lost my father also so I know what you are going through.

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