i have discovered that dating is too hard when you are a single mom. I have been dating now for three years and iam sick of it. Guys i date just want me to go out all the time and leave my kids. I want a guy that can see me with my boys. guys dont include my kids much and iam sick of it. I will not pick guys over my kids they come first and will not be last. why cant it be easy. Anyone feel me on this????????????

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Sep. 23, 2007 at 5:24 AM Yes I feel you on that.  I was with thomas's dad off and on and I didn't date. After Justin I just tried to keep busy.  And still I let their father run all over me.  I don't know why I didn't get it though my head that I was just a piece of ass.  I of course after 4 years of trying to do things on my own I did the dumbest thing any women could do!!!!  I let the ass hole raise them with his new wife.  MISTAKE  of course you don't  have an ex that is anything like his father.  Always put the boys frist or I will have to come up there and beat your butt  (just joking)  LOVE YOU GUYS.Give the boys a big kiss.Have a happy Halloween and don't let the boys eat to much candy.

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