Oh Lord, that would be this morning. 

I was in church, and there was an alter call.  I normally don't do them, I just pray where I'm at, but this morning, I had SO much on my heart and in my mind, that I just needed to talk to God without my 4 year old climbing all over me, ya know?

So I went up there, and I'm kneeling by this guy, the brother of my best friend.  He's had a rough time of things, and is struggling so, so hard, and to see him up there, well, that just started me off with the tears.  I could here him crying and it broke my heart.

So I'm trying to focus, and talk to God, because MAN could I feel Him there.  But I couldn't focus at all.  Kept jumping from one situation to another.  Jobs for hubby and I, school problems for the kids, family problems causing stress and tensions, unrest in our church, and hurt feelings and broken spirits. The friend's brother who is struggling, and his whole family because he's hurt them so much.  The stress of managing three kids and the crazy schedule that comes with it all.  The list went on and on.  Like I told my friends earlier, I probably made God dizzy the way I kept going in circles from one situation to the next.

Then, while talking to God about all these awful things that hurt, and crying, I stopped and I started to praise Him, too.  For the best friends a girl could ever want.  For the laughter we had shared the night before.  We had stopped thinking about the unrest at church and had a girls' night, and we laughed so hard our sides ached!  I thought about my brother seeing his 36th birthday today - and how two years ago, the doctors had said he wouldn't see his 35th without the surgery and he's alive and healthy today!  I thought about my hubby and 3 kids, and  how even though I get stressed out with them sometimes, I'm so thankful for them, because I have the best hubby in the world - he is my soul mate, and I'm telling you, we make the MOST ADORABLE babies!  Hehe.  Seriously, the kids are so amazing, I can't ever thank God enough for them!  I thought about the joy I've gotten from serving Him, in so many aspects.  I thought about how grateful I am that both kids got wonderful teachers this year.  I thought about my parents and how they're both here, and pretty healthy, despite health challenges.  I thought about Jacob's soccer goal Saturday and how we've waited three years for it, and we KNEW he could do it.  And so on.  So THEN i was crying out of happiness, and gratefulness to God for His many blessings!

So, today was the last time I cried.  And I did a lot of it! 

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Sep. 17, 2007 at 12:16 AM What a great testimony to God's goodness!

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Oct. 23, 2007 at 3:16 PM That makes me want to cry.

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