You know when ever things go wrong it seems to just keep getting worse. Well first of all my husband started a new job and hasn't started to make alot of money yet (Waiter) he has to get through training first. He goes to school full time so that just just seem ideal for him right now, well then my car breaks down I take it in and they say that there is alot wrong with it and it is a road hazard and that it would cost 2500.00 to fix it. Its my mini van so I love my car and its not that old 2000 so I tell my boss and the have a guy that can fix it cheaper he will do it for 1300.00 thank God I didn't know what we were going to to. So then I go to my Aunt & uncles house because they have 3 cars and said I could use one of them so I start the car because we had like 5 in of snow so it was cold shut the door and the door is locked....omg he doesn't have power locks and i'm so used to that I must have just pushed the lock down so I had to call my uncle tell him what I did and he had to come home from work to unlock the car it was running for a goo 40 min. So now I am just waiting to get my car back,and things get back to normal that may be a while since we are packing up and moving. Im not sure if we r craxy or just need to get away from inlaws and Dayton we can't stand it here anymore..



Well talk to ya later, Have a good day.

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Feb. 11, 2007 at 8:42 PM

WOW!!! OK girl!!! When it rains it pours!!! I am sooo sorry you are going through all this right now!!! This is exactly how things happen in my life!!! Bottom line......Everything turned out ok!! Dont forget to count ya blessings!! It can be hard when it's one thing after another though!!!!  Where are you guys moving to?

Me & mine didnt do much this weekend...I have been sick since thursday!! Bronchitis and sinus infection!! I am starting to feel better...just super congested in the head and chest!!!

Well girl....This is a brand new week and I hope it's a good one for ya!!! hang in there!!


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