Well,today I am feeling soooooo good.Had a 1 hour massage this morning-oooooooooo made me feel sooooooooo relaxed.Got home and Tiki hadn't stolen the piddle pad while I was gone.This is very good.

The puppys are growing cuter every day.Won't be long and they will be crawling out of the box.I love to watch them learn to walk and play with toys.Tiki will be showing in Charlotte this week end.Sure would like to get her finished.I think I will have to show her out of state to find a class that has enough Shih Tzus entered.

Next week end we are going up to the U.P. for the week end.Also have to close up the trailer for winter

and bring the boat home.It is always a bittersweet time for me.Means I can't go back up until next May.

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