Ok so I really need to vent right now.  My little girl has the worst luck, well, I guess my luck. She has been teething for almost 2 months now, has a nice diaper rash, and some sort of mystery red mark on her neck that had to be lanced open and drained, the popped up again, and  yet again... again. So a trip to her pediatrician yesterday was in order. He called her 2 prescriptions in to the Oxford Walmart pharmacy, where I should know by now not to go to. There's a pharmacist over there that looks coked out all the time, and he's a complete idiot. Well for some reason he chose to delete my daughters diaper rash prescription last night, so I Still don't have anything for her yet. I am in the middle of filing a complaint with corporate walmart and if that gets nothing done about him, then the Boston Pharmaceutical association. Please whatever you do.... do not use the pharmacy at oxford walmart, I am soooo mad right now. This is the second time they've made me go without medication for more then a day. ughh!

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