i'm so frustrated with this anchor point thing. i'm trying to get them put in my vehicle. i KNOW you can get it put into an older vehicle, but no one seems to know what the heck i'm talking about. Grr! i can't find any information about it, except on older message boards that no one is on anymore. Woo hoo, what good is that to me, since it's not complete and i can't ask any questions. then i find this latch manual. i'd love to cheat and download it for free from someone who already has it, but like i'm going to be that lucky. becausei  KNOW if i actually buy it it'll somehow be useless ot me as anything other than scribble paper for cain. we've replaced the seatbelts in our truck twice and they still slowly stop being effective. i'm terrified that we're going to get in an accident and sheridan will go flying like she doenst' have one on at all. you ahve to WORK and JERK it to get it to lock. and as much as i try, sometimes i Think i've got it, but when i come back to get her out, it's loose and easy. i hate that. so i want to get the information for this and have chris install it in both vehicles for both seats. and if we have to pay for it, damn it, i'll just pay in one vehicle for now nad the other next month. but they can't install it if they think i'm insane and don't know what i'm talking about. so ya. i'm frustrated. and it's late. but i am in Research mode. i found the booster seat i want for cain, it's a 5 point harness. and just all around what i want. but it's latch required. i found the carseat i want for sheridan (i think, i still have to put it in my car and see if the back is too deep making the seat not long enough to hold the carseat), and i'd rather have the latch in there to make it safe as i can. when i'm in research mode i get caught up and i Hate to interrupt what i'm ding until i'm done. but instead i just saved all my hundreds of windows in ym favs in a special folder so i can come back tomorrow and pick up where i left off.


if ANYONE knows ANYTHING that can help me, i'd love you forever. in case you're curious or need to now since you really know what you'r talking about, i have a 96 chevy and an 88 dodge.

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