It's been the most awful week, I tell ya!

First, on Tuesday morning, our cat bit our youngest son, Nathan.  Our cat is old...going on 18 years.  He's just become cranky and mean and aggressive.  Senile, I think!  Anyway, Nathan was just petting him nicely, and Tom attacked and clamped down on his upper arm, just above the elbow.  Left a puncture wound that's just a bit smaller than a pencil eraser.

I took Nathan to the doctor, because it looked so bad, and I'd heard cat bites are the worst bites ever because of the bacteria they carry in their mouths.  The doctor checked it out, gave Nathan a shot of antibiotics, a tetanus booster and prescribed Augmentin for a week. 
The next day, it was draining bad and was swollen and red.  Called the doctor, got an assistant who said keep cleaning it with soap and water, leave it uncovered so the air can get to it and it can drain.  Put Neosporin on it too a couple times a day.  So I kept doing that, and giving him his medication.

Yesterday, I took him back to the doctor because it was still draining bad, and looked a bit worse and he didn't want to use his arm.  The doctor took one look at it and sent us to the hospital.  So I spent last night in the hospital with Nathan, doctors kept prodding and messing with his poor sore arm, then they drew blood, and then hooked him up to an IV, which took two tries, because the first try, his vein blew.  We spent several hours there while he got a "super dose" of antibiotics, and we got home late last night with a much, much stronger antibiotic to take at home.  He's feeling a bit better, but it still looks awful!

In the meantime, hubby had to deal with the other two kids last night, as we had Tom put down last night, while Nathan and I were at the hospital.  He was just to aggressive and unpredictable.  We couldn't risk this happening again!  Jacob, our oldest, got very angry, but them clammed up.  He refuses to talk about it, and that bothers me.  He's got Asperger's, and I know he's wrestling with his feelings, but is not good at releasing them. I hate the thought of him locking in everything he's feeling right now, but he just won't talk.  Kaitlyn, on the other hand, was Tom's best friend, and he was hers.  She is heart broken.  I mean, literally, you can almost see how her heart has shattered into a million pieces.  Up all last night, crying and sobbing and begging us to bring Tom back.  She keeps wanting to go to where he is buried, and "get him" so she can hold him and pet him again.  I can't hardly stand to see her like this! Nathan doesn't really grasp the idea of death, so he just said "That's very sad.  I'm going to miss Tom" when I told him Tom won't be there anymore for us to see or pet.  

I'm trying to deal with all this as we're still trying to get the kids settled into school, and this week was all the pre-school prep stuff for Nathan.  We were at the doctor's when he was supposed to be having his home visit with his teachers.  We had to visit his classroom yesterday, but the fun of that was interrupted by his recheck and orders to the hospital.

And also, on Tuesday, I had to go to a meeting that I was dreading.  It was me and several women from our church (and one guy) to supposedly discuss some problems that were being experienced.  It was my hope that we'd be able to speak honestly and everyone would be open to hearing each other.  But it didn't turn out that way.  When I left that meeting, I felt hurt, insulted, and like a complete failure.  I was angry too, because issues that I thought were in the PAST were brought back to the surface, and amid people that shouldn't have been involved.  The worst part was being hurt by people I thought cared enough not to hurt others so easily.  Apparently, though I was wrong.  Apparently, I'm not doing my work the right way, I have no respect for authority, and apparently I don't care about others' feelings.  At least that's what I was told.  So now I'm doing so serious praying about if I want to be doing anymore of the church work.  There's no joy in it for me anymore, so I'm not sure if it's where I belong!

Ohhh...what a week!  It's taken a huge toll on me emotionally and physically.  I feel like I've been run over by a truck!  So glad the weekend is here. 

Rest in peace, Tom.  You were a good cat for many years!  The kids will miss you!

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Sep. 21, 2007 at 11:19 AM

I'm sorry!  Sounds like you had a very draining week!  I hope you get to relax over the weekend. 

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