I sure do monitor what they listen to.  Some consider me over-protective, but there's just too much out there that I don't want them hearing.  I don't believe that music alone will cause them to become mass murderers or prostitutes, or womanizers.  I just think there's too much that is inappropriate for kids out there.

For instance, I grew up listening to country music.  I listen to it now.  One day, I heard my son in the back seat singing to Kenny Chesney's "When the sun goes down".  Near the end, Jacob sings "Cheese and Cracker's sexy"  and I started cracking up!!!!  And then I corrected him.  And then he asks "mom, what does he mean "she thinks Kracker's sexy when the sun goes down?"  Damn....now I gotta explain this!!!  Fabulous!

A friend commented on how horrified she was when she realized her 11 year old was walking around singing "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy!"  Ummm...yeah, no thanks!

 And also, there's music out there geared specifically for kids, that isn't kid-friendly, IMO.  My son started asking for Kidz Bop CD's.  I ignorantly assumed they were kid friendly.  I overheard him playing one song over, and over again one day.  I went in to ask him why, he said "because it's so true mom...this is how I feel!"  Sadly, the song was about how miserable this kids life was, how he was always left out, and no one cared about him, how he hurt and stuff.  A really depressing song.  Now on one hand, I was glad to know Jacob felt that way, and we talked it out.  But on the other hand, I don't WANT my son to be sitting there dwelling about how life can suck sometimes!!!

So now, I monitor closely.  No more radio stations - they're too unpredictable.  I screen all CD's.  He liked Toby Keith.  Some of his songs are fine.  Others are not.  Same goes for Kenny, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, etc.  So now he tells me WHO he likes, and I burn CD's for him with songs I consider acceptable.

My daughter is younger, and so she is typically content listening to her Disney Princess CD's, her church songs CD's, and one song by a local singer who used to be a teacher that I find ok.  But she's getting into that whole High School Musical and Hannah Montana crap, so I have to start previewing that stuff too!  It's amazing how so many people say "oh, it's from Disney, so it's ok!"  But dang, there's shows on Disney and Nickelodeon that I just don't think are the greatest things for my 7 year old daughter watch or listen to!!! 

I guess I'm just an over-protective mom.  So be it!

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