Just what exactly draws a child to a puddle??? Is it the water itself?? The puddle standing out on an otherwise dry ground??? On Friday while praciticing tennis CJ ran through, jumped in, and splashed himself with water while picking the balls after each drill.  I had to smile and I began to wonder...just what is it with puddles that draws every child, big and small, to them.  When it rains here, which isn't that often, as i drop and pick CJ up from school every child MUST hop into every puddle they see.  There must be something that I'm missing because I don't recall jumping in puddles as a kid?? Does that make me odd??  Okay don't answer that, we all know I'm odd. LOL

Just a random thought about the fascination with puddles.

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Feb. 11, 2007 at 10:36 PM Tee hee hee my kids get mad  at me sometimes because I jump and splash them in puddles!  One day Ill grow up.... I swear....seriously......untill then its puddles for me!Cool

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