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i do

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i do

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Im pretty sure all most every one has a miracle baby, I  would like to tell every one how mine is my miracle baby. When I was about 5 when my mom started seeing a difference in how my eldest brother was walking(he was about 9) so she took him to the doctor, and the doctor said it was probably ADHD, but my mom thought different because she has ADHD and that never happened to her, so she went to get a second opinion. Well the doctor did some test and they all came back fine, so he did another test and it was to test for Muscular Dystrophy, it would take about 6 weeks for it to get back. My mom went home and looked it up because she didnt know what it was, and what she found out nearly broke her heart. Muscular Dystrophy attacks the muscles in the body, meaning if my brother had it he would eventually not be-able to walk, and will eventually die. My mom was so upset by what she had found out about it and prayed that her son did not have this disease. 6 long agonizing weeks later my mom found out the horrible news, my brother has MD. She was so devastated because it was her who gave it to him. The doctor wanted to get my other two brothers checked because they would probably have it too. So they got tested and the test came back positive. All of my brothers have MD. My mom, sister, and i dont have it because the type my brothers have are usually only found in boys, but my sister and i might be carriers of it and give it to our sons and make our daughters carriers too. My mom wanted to get me and my sister tested to see if we were carriers but the doctor said no, that she wanted to wait until we were old enough to make our own decision. Well now im 16 and pregnant. When i first told my mom she was so upset because she didnt want me to be a carrier and put my son through what my brothers are going through. So we set up an appointment with the doctor, she took my blood and sent it of to be tested, I would get the results in 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks i was so miserable not knowing if my baby would be able to walk or not or be able to live past 30. Well 6 weeks later my test results came back in and we went in to see what it would say. The doctor look at me and said"im not going to make you wait any longer, your not a carrier" My mom burst in to tears and so did I. "quot;not a carrier" the best words i have ever herd in my life. When it was time for my 20 week ultrasound we found out that we were having a boy. I thank God every day that im not a carrier and my son will grow up to be healthy and strong.what i want to know is if you know your baby is a miracle baby post how he or she is.

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Oct. 8, 2007 at 6:35 PM

I dont have any stories on how my kids are miracles but every child is a blessing! Im glad to hear your going to have a happy healthy little boy. Have fun they are a handful...LOL. Good luck and congradulations!!!

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Oct. 12, 2007 at 10:56 AM

Thats great! Isnt it a great feeling to hear that! My brother has MD also! He is 14 and in a wheel chair perm. I was tested also and it was SUCH a relief! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

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Dec. 7, 2007 at 9:51 AM That’s a beautiful story. Mine’s a miracle baby because I didn't think I’d be able to have children after have ovarian cancer. I got lucky and made it to 5 months with him and told everyone because we finally thought we were in the clear. Then a week later I started having contractions, they were able to give me medicine to stop those. Days after that I started bleeding heavily and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I was on weekly monitoring after that and couldn't stand up for more then 30-60 seconds without feeling extremely sick and passing out after a few minutes of standing up. My little guy was born at 37 weeks when I started to have a stroke and they manually induced (no medicine allowed because of complications, and c-section last resort because of bleeding issues) and had a healthy 5lb 8oz miracle.

I read your post on your little miracle being born and wanted to say congrats. I’m happy everything worked out so well and you are both ok!

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Nov. 25, 2008 at 10:51 AM

My son that I'm 29 weeks pregnant with is a miracle baby because I have lost 2 children already. I lost my first child at 19w 6d due to an infection, I lost my second child at 2-3 weeks most likely due to severe stress.

When 19w 6d came in this pregnancy, I was horrified but it came and went and my son is still here and healthy!

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