Getting to do this makeover has really inspired me ,JCPenney and cafemom gave me 300.00 and then all I had to come up with was a little creativity to make it stretchhhhh

as Iv'e reported in a previous post I started with a duvet cover from the "chrisMadden " line In blue. going with blue has been something new for me as Iv'e never used that color in a room before so I have been questioning my decision for weeks,well of course it turned out to be a beautiful duvet and shams. I also got the "chrisMadden" alternative down comforter to go inside and It is just a dream,so soft and lofty!

ok,now for the creative part. since I was trying to incorporate blue into my scheme,I Had to come up with something for the walls,A picture would be nice ,I had no art on the walls what soever and it Had been bugging me for months. First i found some old frames that I hated the prints in and took them out. I replaced the prints with a map of France that was given to us from an uncle after his death. It was in pretty bad shape from being folded for many years and was disintegrating in some spots,.So I go on E- bay to make sure its not worth boo-Koo bucks (it wasn't) then cut out some choice real-estate to put in my old frames. I think they turned out very well. Not only did I get new art for my spare bedroom .I found a way to display a small piece of history from my family.

I have also been repainting my existing bedside tables black and changing shades on my lamps. I had a small chandelier that i've been wanting to get hung and I got that done also(with a little help,OK Alot of help from my dear husband). I am still waiting for a chair cover to come in from JCPenney and I can't wait to get it!

My next post will be my last for this project and It will have the before and after picture's . This has been such a fun project and I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my "neutral" comfort Zone and choosing "blue"

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Oct. 7, 2007 at 11:50 AM Mary, it sounds like you are doing a great job. When do we get to see pics?

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Oct. 7, 2007 at 7:26 PM I like your approach, I also have been asked to rejuvenate my bedroom.  I think its fun to breathe new life into items you already have as  well. It sounds like your room will be beautiful, are you going to post before and after pics? You have great creative ideas and money saving as well. Did you purchase your items on line or in the store or both?

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