We went to visit my grandma at the nursing home yesterday. From the outside it is lovely. When you walk in it is lovely. It is nicely decorated, there's an aquarium and bird cage to look at. The cafeteria is nice and big and open. But then there is that awful smell of old people that can't care for themselves. That is ofcourse not their fault. I just wish they would do more to cover the stink up.

   Yesterday was a hot day. Upper 80's in October! Not a nice day to be carrying tots everywhere. But at least there was a breeze. After noticing all the obvious things about the nursing home I realized it was horribly hot in there. I would say it was hotter than outside. At first I figured this was ok, old people get cold easy. My Grandma always kept her thermostat at 80 degrees, winter and summer. And I get unusually hot whenever everyone else is cold.

   We went down to Grandma's room. It looked quite nice. She has a roommate that has been there a long time and has her side all decorated. Grandma has had a few things brought over to make it a little nicer. Poor lady has to stay in bed right now. She has a stress fracture in her back and that is the main reason she is there. She was sleeping so her teethe were out and her glasses sitting near by. When she woke up we tried to talk to her. I gave her her glasses so she could see the girls the best she can. I looked everywhere for her teethe but couldn't find them so I couldn't understand a word she said. She has a bit of a norweigan accent so that doesn't help. She had a sheet over her and was wearing a thin night gown. Other than drugged up she seemed ok. But then she started complaining about how hot it was. That's when I realized it wasn't just me. My cousins came in also and some of them were fanning themselves the whole time we were there. I peeked around for a thermostat but never found one.

   We all had a nice visit with Granda or at least as nice as can be expected. She asked us to go so she could rest after a while. Once we were outside the nice cool breeze hit me like a refridgerator! Non of us could beleive how hot it was in there. Don't they know seniors are the most likely victims to heat stress? But thank goodness for my crazy cousins! If it weren't for their humor I would probably be crying. When I complained about the heat in the nursing home Jamin said "They're cooking the old people!" I laughed and nodded and added my own thoughts, "And Grandma thought that was just chicken she ate for lunch!"

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Oct. 7, 2007 at 4:11 PM I worked in nursing homes before.  Most of them are not like this. Yes, there is always a smell there and there isn't much anyone can do to cover it up. Believe me, we tried. We would do rounds every 2 hours. Most are freezing cold to keep the germs down. Feel free to complain to the Director of Nursing. They will take action. There are good CNA and Nurses I'd say a majority but there are always some that don't care. I got out of that work after getting sick due to fibromyalgia and stress. It broke my heart, I loved the elderly. Now, I'm starting a whole new career and I am thankful to get out of nursing. Do whatever it takes to protect your grandma.

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Oct. 8, 2007 at 10:42 AM I agree...not all nursing homes are like this,,, but alot are....My bff in pa used to work in nursing homes and the stories i've heard they made me cringe. Take it above the heads of the workers in there...poor gma...she shouldn't or anyone else shouldn't have to live like that....and the smell..ya..all nursing homes have that smell......best of luck to you.

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