I thought everything in my life was okay.  That was until a few weeks ago.  At my son's 6 month check up the doctor informed us that my son wasn't gaining the amount of weight he should be gaining for his age.  He was 6 months 13lbs. and 25in long.  The doctor sent us to have some bloodwork done so they could run test to make sure there wasn't a reason outside of him just being small for his age.  All the test came back okay except the white blood cells and lymphocytes were low.  The doctor repeated the test to see if they were still low and they were.  She wrote us a referral to have him seen by an immunologist and a genticist at Children's hspital to rule out anything serious.  Well to add to the stress the same week my son had his 6 month check up my car breaks down on my way to school.  I had to call dh to come pick me up, we had to have the car towed, and get the car fixed.  Of course we didn't have the money to get the car fixed because of all the medical bills for my son.  The car sat at the mechanics for over a week hoping that with dh's next pay check we could afford to get the car fixed.  Didn't exactly happen that way.  Dh works in construction has a drywall hanger and he had 2 days off that week because construction is starting to slow down.    We had tons of other bills to try and cover so the car wsn't really top of the list because we still had dh's car.  We ended up taking the money out of our savings whih pretty much drained our saving to nothing.  Topping it all of I came down with the flu.  Was sick in bed all this past weekend.  I had tons of homework to get down, two boys and no babysitter.  Dh was off helping a buddy of his move so I had the boys.  That was the worst day in a long time.  My son has an appointment with the immunologist this Thursday and the following Thursday he has an appointment with the genticist.  I hope things start looking up for us soon.

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Oct. 8, 2007 at 12:00 PM

Sorry to hear, I know how you feel, when it rains it seems to pour. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully everything will turn out ok with your son, try to stay POSITIVE! I know that can be hard, just keep trying. Eventually it will all work itself out, the construction business it tough, especially right now, my ex is in it, he went commercial so it wouldn't be so hard. Keep your chin up and eventually it will not seem so hard. GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted about your son!

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