I am trying to break the habbit of having our toddler sleep with us!  My fiance on the other hand has no problem i guess i just feel so much better when i know he is buy us but it causes alot of  problems in different areas like spending quality time with (jerrad sr) my fiance or just time to myself. It is really hard for us to get him to go to bed by himself does anyone have advice?

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Oct. 11, 2007 at 3:01 PM

Well you have the right idea to do it now. My daughter will be eight in december and she is still wanting to sleep with mom, and I did it again with my baby she is starting the same she sleeps with me except when her sister is over every other weekend. But it is easier when you make their bed special. Like pick his favorite character sheets and comforter and maybe get a matching night light or put a tv with a dvd player in his room so that he can watch a cartoon to put him to sleep. I did this with my older daughter and it worked til she moved with her dad


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