Sometimes I feel like I must be a bad mother.  At family functions or at play-dates my kids are always misbehaving.  I do my best to keep them behaved but they continue to scream, hit, take toys away from other kids, and scratch.  That is just my two year old. 

My Four year old screams and cries and does not share very well.  All of the other children are being very good and I know other parents are looking at me like "how is she raising her kids?'   What is funny is if I am not there everyone says there are well behaved and do not act that way until I show up.  We were having problems with Lynndsay biting at daycare but know she has stopped and they have had not problems with her. 

 I have a big problem.  She bites her 4 month old sister.  She still has a bruise in the shape of a bite mark on her leg.  A friend has told me not to let the doctor see it.  What will the doctor do?  My two year old did it not me!

I have tried time outs at home and in public, I spank them sometimes at home but I feel to guilty to keep doing that.  Some parents have told me I'm not mean enough I have to yell at them louder to get them to listen.  I do not have a mean voice. That cannot be a solution.  
 I have even heard to put soap or hot sauce in my two year old mouth to get her to stop biting or even bite back.  This is crazy.    Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct. 12, 2007 at 10:33 PM

     Now... just by what your saying ... and I'm sorry if this offends you but you may want to see if she is Autistic, or just rule things out... some times that is typical behavior, but other times it isn't,, so if you really think there's a problem you may want to bring it to your dr. s attention... so that you don't get csb or child services called on you.. at least if they do your dr. can say you are addressing the situation and that your tring to figure out how to resolve the situation.. My son is Autistic and that's why I mentioned it..


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Oct. 12, 2007 at 10:39 PM


  I will talk to my doctor.  I am not offended I am looking for different view points on situation.

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Mar. 27, 2008 at 2:01 PM I know you posted this way back but I'm just seeing it now...How is it going?

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